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Is What Is?

Brenda Ellis

Brenda Ellis, most frequently known as Brell, is a partner, mom, grammie, friend and a REALTOR® you’ll want to connect with...

Brenda Ellis, most frequently known as Brell, is a partner, mom, grammie, friend and a REALTOR® you’ll want to connect with...

Oct 24 3 minutes read

Back in October my colleague and team mate Shelby Bouchard posted a video - call it a Car Wash Chronicle - and it got me thinking. Thinking about Polarization. Thinking about Equalization. This was right at the time of the Autumnal Equinox - equal day, equal night.

I have learned over my lifetime that I am definitely affected by the amount of light available to me. I require not only enough lumens, but enough vibrancy and colour as well, to function at my best.

Last week I was challenged to post a series of photos in Black and White about my life right now - with no people, no pets, no captions. That brought me back to thinking about opposites, and considering more about perceptions and how we react to ideas that are different from our own.

As an artist, I easily challenge the concept that Black and White are opposites. To me they merely respond differently to the same set of inputs - with black absorbing all the colours of the spectrum and white reflecting them.  Ok, maybe that is the scientist in me.

In between are the shades of grey. Infinite in number - not just 50!  I challenge myself to see the colours within that grey space, in the way that I challenge myself to consider ideas other than my own; to find commonality, and also differentiation. To  challenge myself to learn and to grow - to evolve.

If I asked you what colour leaves are - would you immediately say "green"?

I watched a show with my grandsons Logan and Brandon about colour, and was presented with the idea that if what we see is the colour reflected and not absorbed by the object we view, then leaves are actually every colour BUT green. 

I bend my mind around that in a form of pretzel logic, and try to remember that when I am presented with new ideas - or, in fact, ones I take for granted - to Question Everything. We live in a time of rapid change, and disinformation. 

Never has it been so important to "Stand For" something... or so easy to "Fall For" anything.

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