This week, I'd like to show you something from the other end of the real estate spectrum here in La Manzanilla.

We just listed this 300 square meter lot perched on the hillside of La Manzanilla on Calle Mariposa. 

I love this place - and here is why:

  1. It has an ocean view that is unlikely to be affected by others, as properties across the street are built out.
  2. The road up to it is paved (pavers and cobblestone)
  3. It feels like a tree house right now.
  4. The retaining wall is in, building envelope created.
  5. There is electricity, a full bathroom with a shower  in place as well as the back wall  which currently supports a (very modest) kitchen.
  6. Spiral stairs with ironwood steps lead up to a mezzanine - which accesses  the built in Sleeping area up top... Total treehouse, baby!
  7. I am sleeping outside now under a palapa ... and I love it!
  8. A pool could be added. 
  9. A two story casa with a rooftop palapa could be constructed for about $100. per square foot....
  10. The asking price is $32,000. USD.

Makes you hear a blender roar, yes?

Hasta Luego,