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#WhereTheHellisBrell ? Episode 1

Brenda Ellis

Brenda Ellis, most frequently known as Brell, is a partner, mom, grammie, friend and a REALTOR® you’ll want to connect with...

Brenda Ellis, most frequently known as Brell, is a partner, mom, grammie, friend and a REALTOR® you’ll want to connect with...

Oct 24 3 minutes read

Remember that Trooper song? "With only fear and good judgement holding us back...." 

On the morning of October 18, 2017, we loaded up our VW Tiguan and made a run for the border - southward on Highway 97. We were some kms into the journey when I realized that I had not packed any of my toiletries...  "C'est la vie" - Thankfully I am not a high maintenance gal. And they do sell things like hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and pitsticks along the way... 

It was my turn to drive down Osoyoos way, and after about 20kms I looked over at Patrick and said "Holy Crap! We are really doing this! We are driving to Mexico!" like some part of me never comprehended the reality before taking the wheel.

Life's lessons can be learned on the road. Words can require a clarity often mislaid in our day to day.  In the beginning it was like learning all over again - how to talk to one another about things we needed to share. Add the fact that Patrick's "good ear" is on the other side of the car from me and, as the saying goes, "What we have here, is a failure to communicate." This happened more than a few times, and provided us with some good laughs at and with one another.

We found delight in every day - such variety of land, people and art.  We marveled at the wonder of the human spirit, and the fact that if we could relate to others as #peoplefirst rather than adding labels, then maybe - just maybe - we could be more understanding and accepting. 

We planned to blitz through the US, tainted by the mire of muck that seems to surround all things American right now. On the way, we found people. Old people, young people - everyday people.  People willing to share their recommendations for food, for lodging, and their stories. 

We found towns we want to return to. Nature's wonders to explore when we have more time. 

It warmed our hearts. Renewed our taste for adventure and nourished my desire to create.  I've included a short video slide show above that gives a small hint at our journey.

I would be remiss if I did not thank my wonderful team mates, Brent Stevenson, Shelby Bouchard, and of course Chris Holm, for stepping up to help provide my clients with remarkable service in my stead. And of course the amazing Kendra, Diane, and Yania who keep the wheels turning on all of our wagons.

YOU Rock!!

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